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About Mario Hernandez DDS

Dr Mario Hernandez is a Premier Cosmetic Dentist in Palm Beach County Florida providing outstanding Dental Treatments to his patients. Dr. Hernandez graduated from University of San Carlos, Guatemala City in Guatemala in 1976 getting the Degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery, Major Dentistry.  Later in 1991 he graduated from The University of Florida, School of Dentistry, Gainesville and got the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery.

To further his studies and knowledge Dr Hernandez continued his professional studies as you can review below:

Fellowship in Comprehensive General Dentistry September 1995 – September 1996

Fellowship status was attained after accumulating 600 hours of continuing education and passing the fellowship exam of the academy

Comprehensive advanced program in esthetic Dentistry Levels II and III May – August 2001

Attained a fellowship from the Academy of International for Dental Facial esthetics

University of Miami School of Medicine, Division of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery March – September 2002

Attained a Fellowship in Implants by The International Congress of Oral-lmplantology

University of Miami School of Medicine, Division of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery February – October 2005

Completed 144 hours to attain a Masters from the International Congress of Oral-lmplantology

American Society for Clinical Research October 2005

Completed 36 hours of Lumineer Placement

The American Society for Clinical Research November 2004 and September 2005

Completed a total of 72 hours of Cerinate Smile Design workshop

Nova Southern University College of Dental Medicine October 2003

Completed 24 hours of Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen Analgesia training

Obtura Spartan October 2003

Completed a participation course for Team Endo – New Endodontic Breakthroughs in techniques, methods, and Devices.

In 1983 Dr Mario Hernandez attended Louisiana State University Dental School where his dental knowledge helps his classmates improve better dental techniques.His experience in Dental Laboratory and his passion for the dentistry field has given Dr Hernandez a better knowledge and experience in the manufacture of prosthetic appliances and cosmetic Dentistry.

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