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Implant Dentistry: Mini Implants

Patients who are missing teeth that they want to have replaced with dental implants require implant dentistry services. There are many advantages to having missing teeth replaced with implants. Implants are generally considered to be the most natural-looking and long-lasting option for tooth replacement. 

Patients need to consult with an implant dentist to determine if they are good candidates for implants. Patients need to have healthy gums and oral tissues so that their jawbones and mouths are able to support dental implants. 

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Mini Implants

Mini implants are an alternative to regular dental implants for tooth replacement. While similar to dental implants, mini implants offer a surgical procedure that is not as invasive. This means that patients generally heal more quickly than they would with conventional implants.

Mini implants may require bone grafts. This makes them a possible solution for patients who cannot have regular implants due to a weakened jawbone. Patients will need to come in for fewer appointments to complete the procedure than conventional implants. Each case may vary.

Mario Hernandez DDS offers mini implant services in West Palm Beach. Contact the office at (561) 585-5891 to learn more. 

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